Elemental Morphose

First Prize Intels LEVEL UP 2010

This was a protype we created using the Unreal Development Kit.
We had about a few weeks to come with a working demo that showed all of the gameplay our final game should have.
This was a school-project with 3 fellow students: Sander Vanstaen, Siegfried Croes & Joke van Oijen.

Elemental Morphose is a puzzle/platform game were the player needs to solve small puzzles to collect the tokens placed across the level.
He can solve the puzzles by transforming into one of the four elements. In order to transform the player needs some kind of source of the elements.

I was responsible for the 'morphing', most of the puzzles, particle/sound effects & advanced materials.

We've also participated at Intel's Level Up 2010 with Elemental Morphose.
It has won the first prize at 'Best Game for Desktop'(Student Category) & received an award for best Character Design.

If you want more information about the gameplay or the development of the game, click here