It has been a while now, I'm currently doing my internship in Finland.
The company I'm staying will be anounced -including some screen I'm working on (hopefully)- later on.

In the meanwhile, I've added my latest project to the gallery, be sure to check it out!


Space Marine Bolter

Bolter added to the gallery.



As part of a school project we had to create a video about the projects we had done this semester.
Since I'm proud of the end result I wanted to share it with you.
The Dreadnought-scene has beed added to the gallery


Beretta Rx4

Since I wasn't happy with the first result, I've redone my Beretta Rx4 Rifle.
The mesh has been optimized (from 2.500 to 1.600 tris) and I've redone all of the textures.

Here is a picture of the old model and one of the new model, so you can compare them.
For more detailed pictures go to the gallery.

Old Model

New Model

Necris Temple

A flythrough-video of the UDK-level has been added, check it out at the gallery.


Intel's Level Up 2010

Great news!
Elemental Morphose has won the first prize at Intel's Level Up 2010 - Best Game for Desktop (Student Category).
There was a total of 847 entries in this category, so everyone of the team is very happy with our result :)

Execute part 2

Something new I've been working on, for our game Execute we had to create a Main Menu with a basic of graphical settings.
Because I've never had worked in Flash before, I'm quite pleased with the result.

The character & gun is from UDK, but will be replaced with one of our own in the future.


Game-Design section added to the gallery.
Links section updated.



This is a game I'm currently working on.
It's called Execute, it's a side-scroller puzzle game with an unigue control-system.
I'm responsible for a large section of the assets, particle effects & in-game camera animations/cut-scenes.

The team-members are:
Roel Coucke, Sander Vanstaen, Frédérick Senesael, Kylie Van de Putte,
Thomas Kinet, Mathias Kinet, Robbert-Jan Brems & Laurens Seynaeve.


Resume updated and link added.

From under the dust...

When I was going through some earlier projects I've found some fun ones which I wanted to share with you.
These are school-projects which are focused on certain 3D-aspects.

Low-Poly Streetboard

This was all about learning Low-Poly modeling and texturing.
We had to create a realistic looking part of a town and the original idea was of putting all the different parts together
to form an interesting looking town.

High-Poly All Terrain Vehicle

This was our first encounter with High-Poly modeling and using advanced materials.
We had to take a car from the 80's or earlier and transform it into a custom-made ATV.

Normal Mapping

Now we knew how to create Low- & High-Poly content it was time to bring these 2 together.
Here I've created a heavy door which is exactly one poly using a normal baked from a High-Poly model.


News & Updates section added


Website finally online :)