Name: Jyrki Coertjens
Date of birth: July 10th 1989
Nationality: Belgian
Residence: Turnhoutsebaan 175 a 2, 2970 Schilde,
Antwerp Belgium


Becoming a 3D artist or Level Designer for games.


2008-present Digital Arts & Entertainment – Game Development, University College of West Flanders
2001-2008 High School – Accountancy & IT, Immaculata Institute, Oostmalle


Intel’s Level Up 2010 - First place - “Best game for Desktop (Student Category)"


- Lowpoly modeling of objects based on blueprints, reference pictures or from scratch
- Highpoly modeling.
- Unwrapping while having an eye on space optimization & reusability of polygons
- Texturing (diffuse, specular, glossiness, etc.)
- Baking normal maps from high- to lowpoly and optimizing/expanding them using Photoshop
- Basic understanding of technical rigging & animation
- Creating atmospheric levels with a minimal variety of assets and the ability to create own assets or particles when needed
- Worked with multiple Engines/Editors (both previous and current-gen)
- Programming in C++ and able to work with the STL
- Basic understanding of C#, DirectX, nvidia PhysX, OpenGL, SQL
- Working with small teams while having a good understanding of what everyone is doing and how the project is progressing


- Autodesk 3ds Max & Mudbox
- Adobe Photoshop, Dreamweaver & Flash
- RoadKill
- Current-gen Game Engines: Unreal Development Kit, Sandbox2
- Microsoft Visual Studio
- Microsoft Office


Dutch: Native language
English: Fluid understanding, reading & writing, average speaking
French: Average reading & writing, basic understanding & speaking
German: Basic understanding, reading, speaking & writing

Personal Interests

Anything 3D-related catches my eye, being it videogames, movies or advertising.

I’ve been playing games since a long time and I’ve always been interested in the development process and the companies behind the games.
I’ve played a wide variety of genres and categories of games and I follow the new developments of the game-industry as close as possible.

Besides videogames I’m fond of the Warhammer 40.000 table-top game. I’ve collected my own armies and I’ve read multiple Black Library books.
Although I don’t spend as much time at it as I used to, I still follow the franchise developments closely.

Other hobbies of mine are snowboarding and going to the movies.